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NCERT solutions of Physics for class 11

Having a good command over NCERT books and its question is a prerequisite if you are targeting any entrance exam. And for this reason, teachers specifically insist on students to complete NCERT book's questions first. This helps students in understanding the topic from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, the chances of getting distracted from the topic become less common along with following the guidelines of CBSE. Isn't this interesting, but where the students usually face problems? Can you make a guess? Let's solve the riddle for you. Well, the common answer is NCERT solutions, students find difficulty in solving NCERT's questions. In such cases, what are you going to do, look for coaching classes or look for good tutors? Well, we have a simple solution for you, just connect with Eduamp. We have a Jeanie that will not only solve your problems but blow away all your worries from your life. And this is made possible by a wide range of experts. All you have to do is choose a teacher as per your requirement and here you go, all your problems get sorted out in no time.

NCERT solutions of Physics covered by Eduamp

Physical world

Units and measurement

Motion in a straight line

Motion in a plane

Laws of motion

Work, energy and power

System of particles and rotational motion


Mechanical properties of solid

Mechanical properties of fluids

Thermal properties of matter

Thermodynamics Kinetic theory

Oscillations Waves

All the chapters are thoroughly explained, in case you are looking for notes. Also, NCERT solutions of Physics for class 11 are explained in very simple language. So, you don't have to worry about the toughness of NCERT questions. Apart from NCERT solutions, you can enrol yourself to prepare for entrance exams. This way you will be able to score excellent marks in school exams along with preparing you for any type of entrance exams.

Benefits of opting NCERT solutions of physics for class 11

Apart from saving yourself from this deadly disease by not going out and studying at home, there are some additional features.

Take a look at them

A detailed explanation of all answers, irrespective of verbal and qualitative questions.

Step-wise solving of numerical.

Thorough explanation of all the answers.

Answers are crafted as per the guidelines of CBSE/ ICSE and other state exams.

You can also access the revision notes for better understanding.

Answers are prepared by experts in easy to understand language.

Practice sets are available that enable students to have good command over all the concepts.

Choosing Eduamp over others

There are many benefits to choosing Eduamp, but one of the plus points that give an extra edge is revision notes. Apart from this, some additional advantages which will help you in becoming an A-grade student are as follows:

Making the curriculum easy to understand, as a result, you solve the tough questions like a piece of cake.

24/7 availability of teachers, thus giving you the benefit of taking guidance from teachers at any time and anywhere.

Making the learning process easy and safe without going out of the home.

Helping students achieve their aim, turning them into a more confident individual.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is the NCERT book of physics enough to crack entrance exams?

Ans. Yes, if the concepts are clear, besides this reference book furthermore helps in making students aware of the new questions.

Q2. How many NCERT books of Physics are there in class?

Ans. There are a total of two NCERT books of Physics in class 11, which have 15 chapters in all. In part one there are a total of eight chapters and in the second part, there are seven chapters.

Q3. Is there any easy chapter in class 11 physics?

Ans. Well, the answer is yes, with only one condition if the students understand every topic thoroughly.