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NCERT solutions of chemistry for class 11

Formulas, laws, the structure of organic and inorganic compounds etc. altogether forms the subject chemistry. The students often get overwhelmed at the time of understanding the basics. Keeping this point in mind, Eduamp has come up with a unique idea that will help students in the long run. Meaning the foundation established in class 11 is going to be useful in class 12 also in higher studies. To achieve this, the students must have a thorough knowledge of their NCERT book irrespective of which subject. At this time of emergency when online classes are at hype among schools, but some students are finding a hard time in understanding the lectures completely. There could be many reasons that students couldn't understand the topics, but that is not important. The only thing, which remains at a priority, that students complete their allocated tasks given by teachers and lastly score good marks in the exam. But it becomes a dreadful task for many students, eventually, they look for some better options where students can ask questions without any fear of embarrassment. This way students will become confident in solving NCERT book's questions of chemistry. Or they can also take the help from Eduamp for NCERT solutions of chemistry to get accurate answers all in one place. Sounds interesting to you?

Come on, let's take you on a tour of Eduamp, where all your unheard questions will be answered, all your queries will be resolved. Not only this, you will also gain a thorough understanding of practical knowledge of chemistry. But, take a look before that take a look at the list of chapters that you will be studying in class 11 NCERT book of chemistry.

Some basic concepts of chemistry

Structure of atom

States of matter

Classification of elements and periodicity in properties

Chemical bonding and molecular structure


Redox reactions



The s-block elements

The p-block elements

Organic chemistry- some basic principles and techniques


Environmental chemistry

These are the chapters which are well explained in simple language, also you will be able to access NCERT solutions of chemistry for class 11 in the precise format. The benefits don't end here, further, you can also enroll yourself for special classes targeting competitive exams, eventually, and you will be able to score good marks in board exams as well as in the entrance exams.

Additional features of taking NCERT solutions of Chemistry from Eduamp

Precisely explained all the theoretical and numerical questions.

Answers are explained in steps, thus helping you to understand the requirement of each step.

In-depth answers from experts.

Creation of answers as per the guidelines of CBSE or any other state board exams.

Interactive online classes, thus making your understanding of the topics very easy.

Practice sets are available that can help you in preparing for all types of questions covering both easy and difficult questions.

Availability of teachers even in odd hours.

Complete assistance from our expert right from the beginning to the end of the session.

Why Choose Eduamp over others?

Many platforms are helping students for real, but choosing us will provide you with an extra edge. This way you will not only score good grades in the exam but also set yourself as an example among your peers by raising the bar of standard among them, obviously in terms of the education. Also, if you are a night owl who likes to study in late hours, then you can count us for all your queries and at any time without the need to wait.

If you are willing to become a doctor or crack exams like AIIMS or IIT JEE, then having a good command over the NCERT books is a must. You may be able to understand the topic or chapter with the help of a teacher or tutor. But when it comes to solving the NCERT book's question, you might not be able to solve all the questions, due to the nature of questions and its complexity. And the best way to take help in NCERT solutions of chemistry for class 11, the Eduamp will be your friend. A friend who will be there with you, whenever you require help in any form. So, enroll yourself today to avail the features and score perfect marks in the exam.