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NCERT solutions of Biology for class 11

Have you ever thought of accessing to the point answers of all the NCERT question? Are you surprised by this question? Well, then certainly you are in the right place, here all your concerns will vanish in no time. Still, thinking, how is that possible? The answer is "Eduamp" that will cover all your study related woes, covering online classes from some of the best experts without missing the guidelines of CBSE or any other exam. Yes, you heard that right, irrespective of from which state you belong, studying will become easy for you. By now you must have understood, whether it is writing down an answer of NCERT book or drawing the life cycle of species mentioned in your course book, it will not be a problem from here on. NCERT solutions of Biology are developed by experts, keeping simplicity in mind. This way, students not only become an expert in NCERT book's question of Biology but also understand what needs to be answered and how can they score perfect 100 in exams. There are a total of 22 chapters in the biology's NCERT book, which is quite a big number, considering the complexities and tips linked with every chapter. Having us as your teaching partner, we will ease the tension for you along with making you self-reliant and confident among your peers. 

Before telling you the features of Eduamp, take a look at the list of chapters included by CBSE in the NCERT course book.

  • Diversity of Living Organisms
  • Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals
  • Cell- Structure and Function
  • Plant Physiology
  • Human Physiology

These are the units which every class 11 student, who has opted biology as the subject will study. Further, these chapters are divided into 22 chapters. Now take a look at all the chapters of NCERT.

  • The living world
  • Biological classification
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Animal kingdom
  • Morphology of flowering plants
  • Anatomy of flowering plants 
  • Structural organisation of animals
  • Cell the unit of life
  • Biomolecules
  • Cell cycle and cell division
  • Transport in plants
  • Mineral nutrition
  • Respiration in plants
  • Photosynthesis in higher plants
  • Plant growth and development 
  • Digestion and absorption
  • Breathing and exchange of gases
  • Body fluids and circulation
  • Excretory Products and their elimination
  • Locomotion and movement
  • Neural control and coordination
  • Chemical Coordination and integration

As these are the subtopics of the above-mentioned units, so don't get confused. That is some topics are part of human physiology, some from plant physiology likewise the chapters are divided. All you need to do is just start your preparation from the very start and shine like a rising star at the end of the examination. 

Advantages of taking the NCERT solutions of Biology from Eduamp

  • Precise answers developed as per the guidelines of CBSE, meaning studying properly will help you in scoring good grades in the exam.
  • The notes developed by us will help you in preparing for the entrance exam as well.
  • You will get tricks or pointers at the end of every chapter, which will help you in scoring full marks in MCQs or even quizzes held in every competition. 

And the list will go on, the best way to access all these benefits and much more by just enrolling yourself for Eduamp.

Features of Choosing Eduamp over others

  • Online classes with interactive sessions, which will help in clearing the doubts and boosting the confidence.
  • Round the clock availability of teachers, meaning you don't have to wait or worry if you prefer studying at night. Thus you can solve your doubts and queries at your convenience.
  • You will be able to access revision notes as well, that will help you in revising the topics much quickly.
  • You will get a summary of all the chapters besides NCERT solutions of Biology for class 11. 

So, choosing will not only help you in solving the questions of Biology NCERT book but will also help you in understanding the topic thoroughly.