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NCERT Solutions of Maths for class 11 Maths!

Are you having a tough time while solving maths questions? If yes, then Eduamp can save your time and a lot of effort. Maths always brings fear in the minds of the children. And to top of that, having a good command over the NCERT books is often recommended. But, in the race of solving NCERT book's, students often get confused between different reference books. Because NCERT questions are not that easy to solve and while doing that students waste a lot of time. We have come up with a unique idea of providing you with a complete package of NCERT solutions for class 11 Maths. The answers are created by our experts in simple language and per the guidelines of CBSE. This will eventually help in building a strong understanding of the subject, also covering the logical section. We all know that practice is the only key to scoring good marks in mathematics. In case if you are targeting any exam like JEE or any other, then also we are here to help you. We have all the required materials like shortcuts to solve questions, revision materials for last-minute preparation and many more. This is not it, you will also get practice sets, and along with this you can also enrol yourself for online classes. Take a look at the list of chapters covered by us to ease your learning process.

Chapter wise NCERT Solutions of Maths for class 11


Relations and functions

Trigonometric functions

Principle of mathematical induction

Complex numbers and Quadratic equations

Linear inequalities

Permutations and combinations

Binomial theorem

Sequences and series

Straight lines

Conic sections

Limits and derivatives

Introduction to three-dimensional geometry

Mathematical reasoning

Statistics Probability

Besides these chapters, you should pay special attention to Limits, trigonometry, conic section, in particular, to score good marks quickly. Also, these chapters play an important role in other chapters as well. So, having good command over all the chapters is a necessity.

All the chapters are thoroughly explained with all the required examples to establish a clear understanding among the students. You will be able to access all NCERT solutions of maths for class 11, not only this at the end of every chapter bits and tips are mentioned. Those who learn and practice the NCERT solutions prepared by Eduamp become proficient in cracking difficult entrance exams.

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Customized solutions are also provided for advanced studies, to crack tough entrance examinations

And if you want to know more about it, then you can reach out to us and have a word with our executives.

How can you enrol yourself for Eduamp?

Before enrolling yourself, you need to have a clear idea, that is, for which subject you are looking for help. Whether you are looking for online classes or guidance in a particular subject or want to enrol for a bunch of subjects. Once you have decided, then reach out to our executive and avail required guidance. Our experts not only help in understanding the subject and clearing the doubts but also provide you with tips to ease your tension. In our website, visit the “contact us” page, there you will have to fill your details as per your requirement. Eduamp's executives will call you at earliest and solve your worries.

At this hour of pandemic situation, when the education system has stuck, it is best to deal with things smartly. That is, the online education system is imparted in schools, as a result of which students are facing enormous difficulties. So, in such a situation relying on experts is the best a student can do or a parent can offer to their child. Eduamp will solve all your education-related worries and queries, all you need to do is buckle up your seat belt. And gear up for a roller coaster ride, where you will be thrilled in every step of learning, this will start to reflect in your scores as well. What are you still waiting for? Come on, and get ready to explore a new way of learning, by beginning with NCERT solutions for class 11 maths.