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Revision Notes of maths for class 9 and Competitive Exams

Maths acts like a complex to many students, but this complexity turns into a terror when you get into class 9. From the previous classes, there is a whole new range of formulas, concepts and much more. The only key to getting success in maths is practice. Keeping this in mind, students practice regularly to score well in the exams. But, while doing so most of the students forget to make notes, which play an important role in the examination. At that time, most of the students start to panic or may come under severe stress. Unfortunately, many students leave some topics to cover syllabus effectively. But, why to leave even a single topic, and that is possible only when you have the perfect study material and the exclusive content of maths for class 9 from Eduamp. Yes, you heard it right, Eduamp has the top experienced teachers. Thus, you don't have to worry about the guidelines of CBSE or ICSE or any other state board exams. Not only maths, but subjects like science and social science will also be a piece of cake for you. Our experts also use interactive teaching methods, in case you are looking for a complete learning program. 


List of chapters covered by Eduamp

  • Number Systems Class 9 Notes
  • Polynomials Class 9 Notes
  • Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 Notes
  • Lines and Angles Class 9 Notes
  • Triangles Class 9 Notes
  • Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Notes
  • Heron’s Formula Class 9 Notes
  • Linear Equations in Two Variables Class 9 Notes
  • Quadrilaterals Class 9 Notes
  • Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles Class 9 Notes
  • Circles Class 9 Notes
  • Constructions Class 9 Notes
  • Surface Areas and Volumes Class 9 Notes
  • Statistics Class 9 Notes
  • Probability Class 9 Notes


Eduamp has crafted the exclusive content of maths for class 9 in such a way that it is easy to understand and quick to revise. Along with this, we have also made a separate section, wherein you will get short tricks or which method to follow for a particular question. As we are very well aware that every question in the examination is different from one other, thus, we have also mentioned those questions which are important from the examination point of view. The revision notes cover everything starting from most to least important topics, meaning revising the notes developed by Eduamp will not only help you in scoring good marks but also help you in preparing in a much reliant way for the future as well.


What makes Eduamp different from others?

Well, this is the interesting part, because Eduamp is also providing a unique platform for online learning, but it is the teachers who create the benchmark. The teachers are chosen in such a way that they have served their career either as a teacher or as a tutor from the past several years. This helps in creating a place where the students are taught as they are without establishing any judgement. Besides this, there are many other features that gives Eduamp an extra edge in terms of teaching, thus helping students in going an extra mile in terms of learning.

  • We are offering our education and teaching help to all parts of India, so you don't have to worry about whether you are from a metropolitan city or not. Your problems will be heard and resolved from your level of understanding, along with that we will also ensure that you are thorough with all the whereabouts of the chapter. 
  • We are offering our help to odd hours as well, meaning if you are studying at night and face any type of problem in any of the subjects, then we will solve your doubts. This gives an extra push to the students, to learn effectively at their comfort of learning.
  • There is a range of solutions designed to boost the confidence of students, such as NCERT solutions, revision notes, online interactive learning and many more.

By now you must have got the complete idea of how you can benefit by enrolling yourself for Eduamp. So, wait no more and avail the exciting benefit of exclusive content of maths for class 9 and score perfect 100 in your exams.