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Test Series for Class 9 


Scoring good grades is the dream of all students, but very few direct their efforts in the right direction. And it starts right from the beginning of every session, irrespective of which standard you are studying in. EduAmp is one of the leading platform-cum-friend for all ages of children, that is helping them achieve their dream score in simple yet effective ways. We understand the drastic shift in the knowledge, what you have learned earlier. Keeping this aspect in mind, EduAmp has crafted test series for class 9 students, so that they can utilize them in the best way possible. The test series will help give you the simulation of exams, which will help you face the school exams without any fear. This will ultimately have a positive effect on your scores as well, because a free and prepared mind always performs better than a stressed and prepared mind. Since, these test series will give you a taste of how the final exams are going to be, so giving your best shot is the only option you have.


Subjects covered by EduAmp


  • Online test of maths 
  • Online test of science
  • Online test of social science
  • Online test of english


Starting from the toughest subject to the easiest one, we have covered all your concerned subjects. Apart from the test series, we provide tests, so you can participate in the national and state level competitions. 


Takeaways of class 9 test series


  • EduAmp provides the facility to take tests in both online and offline mode, that is online test is computer-aided test, while the offline test follows pen and paper test mode. We also have the facility for those students who are unable to take the test from the centre, in such cases, the students can take the test from home itself. In case, if you are a parent looking for the authenticity of the test, the tests are conducted in the presence of an invigilator, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • The tests are designed following the latest guidelines of CBSE, meaning you don’t have to worry about your children at all. Following the test pattern of EduAmp, one can ace not only the CBSE exam but also the competitions like NTSE Science Olympiad and many more.
  • Our experts have made the test series in such a way that the mettle of brilliant students can be easily identified.
  • Apart from the test, the experts also ensure that the students become thorough with all the subjects in every possible way, so that there is no room for any doubt. 


Your wait to score excellent marks in any examination ends here at EduAmp, we provide the best in class online test series for class 9. So, whether you are an average student or a brilliant student, your goal will be accomplished at EduAmp. Apart from the class  mock tests, we also have olympiad test packages, so, in case you are planning for yourself or your sibling this can be the best source to be aided with in-depth knowledge of all the subjects.  


Benefits of opting EduAmp


  • EduAmp’s class 9 mock tests add an extra edge to your learning which is designed by experts having good teaching experience, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. We cover everything starting from the tiny details to the long theorem based questions for your better understanding.
  • At the peak hour of examination, the class 9 mock tests will help you focus on the priority topics, meaning, no chance of missing the important topics. This also means your strategy for scoring a perfect score in the exam will be accomplished without any delay.
  • By practicing the mock tests of EduAmp, you are also gearing up for the fresh session of your new class. 


So, the benefits of taking the class 9 mock tests from EduAmp, will not only be budget-friendly but also loaded with latest questions. These questions are developed after rigorous research following all the guidelines of CBSE along with the latest questionnaire, that will eventually help you in prepping the right way.