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A Holistic Educational Platform

To improve the learning outcomes our platform offers a combination of lesson videos followed by live doubt sessions and tutorials coupled with online practical. The team is committed to make learning more engaging and effective by bringing expert teachers from India and UK with varied teaching techniques.

Personalised Learning

Every student has different learning ability–classroom teaching may not be suffice for all students–students should be given opportunity to learn at their own pace in their own time with access to the educational contents.

One-size fits all approach to education doesn’t work well. Our teachers and counsellors will guide every student on an individualised journey for effective learning based on the Learn - Practice - Test pedagogy. The app runs an in-depth analysis of students’ progress for them to better plan and improve.


Live Doubt Sessions

As students learn through our video lessons they may have some doubts – the dedicated teacher will be made available on EduAmp platform to answer all the doubts of students. The doubt solving session makes the classes more interesting and useful for examinations.

Doubt forum: Through this forum we promote group learning and self-motivation to avoid creating silos in e-learning process. Students get their doubts answered without the fear of being judged.

Live Tutorials and Online Practical

We aim to offer live tutorial and online practical sessions delivered by dedicated teachers from India and UK with novel teaching methodologies. This will make learning fun and promote students’ communications.

We emphasize on analytical approach in contrast to rote learning for successful understanding of concepts for all students.






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